Director's Message
Our organization was founded on the belief, confirmed by decades of experience, that qualification based selection in the procurement of construction services produces the best overall outcomes for all parties involved. In open market driven economies, implementing this philosophy is not without its challenges for both the public authorities buying these services and the established contractors competing for them. Notwithstanding these challenges, QBS has been a badge of distinction for us, permeating every aspect of our operation, creating success for our clients and for us as a business.

Therefore when we are faced with a choice, we always look at the big picture to ascertain, through careful calculation, which of the choices before us will produce the best long-term outcome all things considered. Our people know this first hand in the way we hire, our supply chain partners know this from our commitment to their brands
 and our clients know this from the way we help them navigate the challenges that arise on the projects we deliver.
This approach, coupled with diligence, hard work and foresight is our winning formula, that allows us to confidently deliver, time after time, Quality projects, within Budget and on Schedule.